Why should you care? You spent months or years investigating, designing, and deploying a hybrid, single cloud network environment. The process was tedious and complicated, the budget was getting out of control, and everyone questioned why it took so long. And you did not dare to evaluate multi-cloud networking as every cloud has its independent methods, limitations, and nuances of providing network capability.

The Cloud teams move at the speed of the business, and it feels like the network team is slowing everything down. Management and internal business groups are continually putting pressure on you to accommodate their change requests quicker. How many times have you wished for a network cloud that made your life convenient, like that for compute, storage, databases, and other applications? That was available on-demand and as-a-service with a simple user interface, and was highly-available, secure, and elastic? And there was a common way of visualizing, controlling, and governing the network environment, and a common way of troubleshooting and accomplishing day two operations.

Especially in the current environment where most teams work from home, it would be best if you had a solution that you could consume from anywhere. And which allowed you to meet the requirements of your internal and external customers.

Well, the wait is over. Alkira offers a comprehensive network cloud, which has three main elements:

  • Global, seamless, secure, simple, and highly-available network infrastructure for hybrid and multi-cloud networking.
  • Fully integrated higher-layer network services like firewalls, load balancers, address management, and lifecycle management of cloud constructs.
  • End-to-end, common mechanisms for visibility, control, governance, troubleshooting, and day two operations.

Critical capabilities like disaster recovery, agility, elasticity, and horizontal scale are integral parts of the solution.

Of course, the startup journey’s essential part is to offer a solution that solves real customer pain points. That is why at Alkira, we started working with our customers and partners even before we started the company. One customer example is Koch Industries. The Koch Global Services (KGS) team has worked very closely with us from the beginning and has played an instrumental role in refining our solution and making it Enterprise-class. Alkira’s vision and KGS’s visions are fully aligned. They started with a small brownfield deployment and quickly became very comfortable with the Alkira solution to the point that they began to migrate more applications to the Alkira Network Cloud quickly. Koch’s Alkira network and services span across the US and Asia.

Multiple Global 500 customers have adopted the Alkira solution, and their use cases vary. Starting from a virtual directory and desktop services in the cloud, hybrid data center and multi-cloud networking over high-speed private connections, multi-cloud networking due to M&A, cloud DMZ to on-demand elastic security services, our customers have many different deployments.

Koch Industries was so impressed by our solution and the team that they decided to lead our $54M Series B investment round. We are proud to have them as partners and have long term plans to continue to be the leading Network Cloud vendor for Koch’s current and future IT needs.

I would highly encourage you to set up a demo with our team. It takes less than 30 minutes for a detailed demo, and it shows you the future direction of the networking industry.