Alkira provides the first multi-region, unified global Multi-Cloud Networking as-a-Service and a full market place of services. They simplify an enterprise company’s journey to the cloud and offer service providers a compelling business proposition to tap into the cloud.

Ray Mota

ACG Research – CEO and Principal Analyst

Alkira has created an on demand multi-cloud network as-as-service enabling customers to easily self-provision a network and security edge directly adjacent to Cloud and SaaS resources within minutes. This can be done for the first time by someone with little to no cloud expertise, and can be consumed in a pay-as-you-go model which customers are demanding today. There are so many customer use cases and the timing couldn’t be better.

Michael Periera

Bridgepointe – VP of Technology

Coevolve provides telco-independent SD-WAN and cloud networking solutions offerings to our global clients in more than 65 countries. Businesses today are excited about the promise of the cloud, but frustrated by their journey to the cloud. Alkira provides a transformative on demand, global multi-cloud network, delivered as-a-service, which simplifies the journey, and offers our clients the competitive edge they need to compete and grow.

Ciaran Roche

Coevolve – CTO

The trend toward distributed applications and the emphasis on virtual collaboration in the current business environment will accelerate multi-cloud strategies. Alkira’s world-class team has launched an exciting platform in CSX, which has an agile and resilient architecture for connecting and supporting multiple clouds. Providing technology for multi-cloud availability couldn’t come at a better time.

Scott Raynovich

Futuriom – Founder and Principal Analyst

At EOS we are excited about our partnership with Alkira. The ability to create policies for all your public cloud environments, without having to manually login to each provider, or configure individual firewalls, is amazing. Having a simple and intuitive overlay to take care of routing and policy complexity reduces time, effort and knowledge required to manage your public multi-cloud environment. We can help you design and install an Alkira solution or provide it as a managed service. This leading technology is a great addition to our solution portfolio and our global deployment reach of physical assets into 175 countries worldwide.

Brian McEvoy

EOS IT Solutions – Director of Network Architecture

Alkira is revolutionizing networking by creating the first truly complete multi-cloud network-as-a-service platform. The Alkira founders were pioneers of the first wave of virtual networking with SD-WAN. They are tackling the next frontier, multi-cloud, to create the first platform that can enable a company to bring their full network fabric into the modern era.

Brian Bendett

GV – Partner

At Global Eagle we’ve been impressed by the speed and ease of the Alkira multi-cloud network service. It took under one hour to design, deploy and provision connectivity from on-premises to applications in the cloud across two regions. It is an efficient and effective way to have multi-region cloud connectivity with seamless security services.

Andrew Rae

Global Eagle – Head of IT Infrastructure and Networking

As enterprises continue to migrate applications to the public IaaS clouds and SaaS environments, the need for an on-demand, elastically scalable, and highly available multi-cloud network is clear. This multi-cloud network must adhere to the same cloud principles and possess the same cloud attributes as the public clouds with which it connects. The Alkira Cloud Services Exchange is well positioned to help enterprise customers mitigate the complexity of deploying and managing multi-cloud networking, including the network and security services that need to run in a unified and consistent manner across those environments.

Brad Casemore

IDC Corporation – VP of Research

Networking for the multi-cloud era requires a different approach, and in today’s climate, remote work is breeding a sense of urgency for a unified solution, Alkira’s team has the ambitious vision to disrupt the status quo, and a proven track record building enduring companies. We’re thrilled to partner with them.

Mamoon Hamid

Partner at Kleiner Perkins

Nissho USA is known for bringing innovative solutions to the market. Alkira Cloud Services Exchange™(CSX) is a game changing approach to multi-cloud networking. Alkira’s on demand offering provides the fastest time to service for our customers to deploy multi-cloud networks.

Mizuki (ENO) Enomoto

Nissho Electronics USA – President

Having a multi-cloud strategy means operating proprietary and incompatible multi-vendor networks. Alkira CSX combines cloud provider features with its own network appliance to build a single, unified operational software platform. Simplifying the build and deployment of end-to-end services across cloud providers has a real impact to speed of business.

Greg Ferro

Packet Pushers – Analyst

We are partnering with Amir and Atif Khan in their new venture, Alkira, after our successful partnership with them and their prior company, Viptela. Alkira will be a needed tool for enterprises struggling with configuring and running hybrid service connections.

Bill Coughran

Sequoia Capital – Partner

WWT customers are increasingly shifting workloads to the public cloud and the networking has to adapt quickly as data, services, and endpoints are becoming more distributed across the edge and public cloud locations. At the same time interconnectivity is changing while becoming more complex. In many cases the networking hasn’t kept pace with the rate of innovation. As a result, customers need to manage, adapt, and simplify the networking operations within and across cloud providers. We see Alkira as a strategic disruptor in the space which addresses this real challenge for our customers.

Neil Anderson

World Wide Technology (WWT) – Sr. Director, Network Solutions

Organizations that are stymied by multi-cloud network connectivity and operations should look at Alkira’s on-demand multi-cloud NaaS. Alkira is simplifying the journey, and changing the trajectory to cloud.

Zeus Kerravala

ZK Research – Principal Analyst

As enterprises move toward greater utilization of multi-cloud infrastructure, the task of managing connections between users and application components that are increasingly scattered is becoming more complex.

Eric Hanselman

451 Group – Chief Analyst

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