Alkira and Palo Alto Networks:
Secure Multi-Cloud
Networking Made Easy


Palo Alto and Alkira partner to deliver the fastest path to end-to-end cloud networking security with a fully-integrated joint solution.

Palo Alto VM-Series virtual firewalls are fully integrated with the Alkira cloud networking as a service platform, enabling enterprises to simplify secure multi-cloud connectivity.

Simply click, configure, and deploy new Palo Alto VM-Series virtual firewalls. All from the centralized Alkira dashboard. Advanced features include Alkira’s unique cloud firewall auto-scaling capabilities, Palo Alto’s best-in-class VM-Series virtual firewalls, and the unmatched visibility of the Alkira Cloud Networking as a Service platform.

Alkira cloud-independent segmentation and VM-Series security zones allow joint customers to enforce intra- and inter-zone firewall security policy in single- and multi-cloud environments.


Solution Components

  • Alkira Cloud Area Networking
  • Palo Alto VM-Series Virtual Next Generation Firewalls
  • Alkira Cloud Exchange Points (CXP)

Solution Benefits

  • Multi-cloud networking & industry-leading security fully integrated
  • As-a-service delivery
  • One click provisioning
  • Autoscaling security based on real-time demand


Auto-mapping of zone to segments:

Alkira’s Palo Alto integration allows enterprises to extend existing zones on their firewalls into and across clouds. There’s no need for security teams to painstakingly deploy Palo Alto firewalls within each cloud provider.
Alkira takes existing on-prem security and expands it to multiple clouds.

Seamless integration:

Alkira and Palo Alto are seamlessly integrated, accelerating time to value and enabling one-click provisioning and real-time autoscaling of security across public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.


Customers can automatically scale Palo Alto firewalls when traffic surges and then reduce them when traffic normalizes. This reduces the likelihood of network outages.

How it Works

Accelerate Cloud Networking Security with Alkira and Palo Alto

No hardware to buy, no software to install, no new cloud infrastructure to learn – Alkira and Palo Alto make cloud security easy, highly-visible, and powerful.

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