Cloud Network Segmentation

Global end-to-end segmentation for your WAN, hybrid cloud, and multi-
cloud environments with one-click provisioning

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Cloud Network
Segmentation and Shared
Application Services

Cloud Network segmentation is complex and different in every cloud.

Disparate cloud architectures force enterprises to develop solution islands for every public cloud.

Lack of end-to-end cloud network segmentation increases the security attack surface and allows an attacker to move laterally across the network.

Lack of inter-segment routing forces shared application services to be replicated per segment.

Cloud Network Segmentation Architecture

  • Network segments automatically span the entire network
  • Any on-premises or cloud resources connected to Alkira can be assigned to a network segment
  • Resources can be grouped within a segment to create micro-segments
  • Inter-segment routing allows creating shared application services
  • Network segments and micro-segments are extended to the firewalls hosted in Alkira infrastructure
Network Segmentation Architecture

Press the Easy Button
for Cloud Network Segmentation

Select geographic locations for your global network and add network segments.

Attach cloud and on-premise resources to network segments. Group resources into micro-segments. Extend groups and network segments to the firewalls.

Provision your end-to-end cloud network segmentation in one click and watch it come to life in minutes.

The Alkira difference

Our promise to you.

Reduce attack surface

Compartmentalize resources and prevent attacker lateral movement across the network

Share applications

Deploy application services shared across multiple segments with inter-segment routing, firewall service insertion and overlapping IP address resolution

Elastic scale

Scale your network segments alongside your global network and security

No obsolescence. Ever.

As all services are cloud based, you can change them at will. Want a different firewall family ? Login to our marketplace, press few buttons and it’s done.

Day 2 operations

Full visibility, monitoring, troubleshooting and governance. It’s all in your fingertips.

Delivered as-a-service

No mistakes, no capital expense and no need to learn cloud architecture to provision cloud network segmentation for on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud environments

One uniform solution for all your cloud network segmentation needs

Secure enterprise networks are better when built in the cloud

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Cloud Network Segmentation
and Shared Application


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Multi-Cloud Networking


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Are you ready to feel secure with Alkira end-to-end cloud network segmentation?