Reinventing enterprise
networks for the cloud era

Atif Khan
CTO and Founder

Welcome to the future of Cloud Networking.

If you are struggling to build a network that supports both your private network and apps connected to one or more clouds, this whitepaper can help.

Inside, you will learn:

  • How existing networking approaches fall short in the cloud era
  • How to banish network complexity from public clouds
  • How to slash cloud network deployment times from months to hours
  • Why networks built in the cloud work better in single and multi-cloud environments

CTO whitepaper: Reinventing enterprise networks for the cloud era

“While compute and storage have long inherited cloud attributes and have evolved to become available for as-a-service consumption, networking has not.”

Atif Khan, CTO, Alkira

Cloud Networking.
As simple as SaaS.

Most enterprises experience frustration, delay and problems while they struggle to build, secure and operate networks inside public clouds.

We’ve created a service which allows people to draw the network they wish they had, and instantiate it with a single click, in the public clouds of their choice.

Cloud networks and wide area networks are better when they’re built in the cloud, delivering:

  • On-Demand Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Network Connectivity
  • Integrated Network and Security Services
  • End-to-End Visibility, Controls and Governance

See the
Network Cloud in action!

Schedule a 30-minute demonstration with a cloud specialist today and we’ll show you how to:

  • Cut multi-cloud network provisioning time from months to minutes
  • Get simple, as-a-service consumption for your global cloud network with no upfront costs or CAPEX
  • Ensure enterprise-grade security when moving to cloud