Alkira Cloud Services Exchange® (Alkira CSX) is the industry’s first Network Cloud solution, offering a global unified cloud network infrastructure as-a-service for enterprise networking and security needs. In partnership with Check Point, Alkira CSX offers deployment of Checkpoint CloudGuard Network Services Gateways (firewalls) from the Alkira Network Services Marketplace.

Enterprises benefit from automated and standardized deployment of the Checkpoint CloudGuard firewalls to service on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud environments.



The Alkira CSX Network Services Marketplace allows enterprises to instantly provision Check Point CloudGuard firewall instances and seamlessly integrate into the global Alkira routed network fabric. The joint solution provides the following elements:

Automated Provisioning

1-click provisioning of the Check Point CloudGuard firewalls with full lifecycle management

Policy-based Service Insertion

Alkira intent-based policies to symmetrically steer the traffic of interest to the Check Point CloudGuard firewalls


Automatically scale up and down Check Point CloudGuard firewall deployment based on real-time capacity demand

How it works?

  • Login into the Alkira CSX portal
  • Instantiate Check Point CloudGuard firewalls from the Alkira Network Services Marketplace and map to Alkira Segments and Groups
  • Implement Alkira intent-based policy to insert firewalls transparently and symmetrically for Internet, on-premises, and multi-cloud application flows

Check Point CloudGuard firewalls will receive security policy from standard Check Point SMS/MDS management servers, allowing for consistent policy management across the enterprise.

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