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The cloud era has arrived. Organizations are increasingly transitioning business critical applications from on-premises data centers to the public cloud and SaaS environments. While compute, storage and applications have comprehensively evolved beyond virtualization and automation to simple as-a-service offerings, the network and security have not. Modern enterprises fully realize the critical necessity to bring network and security into the cloud era and allow IT organizations to empower the digital transformation moving at the speed of rapidly evolving business needs.

The Challenge

Building a secure, scalable and resilient cloud network that connects together remote users, on-premises locations, and AWS VPCs is many times a daunting and frustrating experience. Inserting next generation firewalls to enforce organizational security policy for the cloud applications adds even further complexity.

An innovative solution is needed to address the challenges around networking and security for the cloud



Alkira Cloud Area Networking offers global unified network infrastructure as-a-service for the enterprise networking and security needs. With Alkira Cloud Area Networking, enterprises can have a consistent, feature-rich and significantly simplified experience of achieving the following:

Any-to-Any Network

Deploy global any-to-any enterprise-grade network connectivity across remote users, on-premises locations, and AWS workloads residing in single or multiple global regions.

Cloud Firewall

Integrate cloud firewall security services for the AWS workloads with intent-based policies, symmetric traffic steering and full life-cycle management.

Gain Cloud

Gain full day-2 operational visibility, advanced routing controls, and governance for the AWS cloud network

Alkira’s Cloud Area Networking approach unlocks the digital transformation solving most acute enterprise challenges around networking and security for the AWS cloud environments. Enterprises can now confidently transition applications from on-premises data centers into AWS and further increase cloud adoption.

See Alkira Cloud Area Networking in Action!

How does it work?

  • Register for Alkira service and access the portal
  • Select geographical regions for your global cloud network on the map
  • Add remote users, on-premise sites and AWS VPCs, while assigning desired network capacity, network segments and billing tags
  • Add firewalls and intent-based policies
  • Provision everything in 1-click!
Neil Anderson

Sr. Director, Network Solutions,
World Wide Technology (WWT)

Customers are increasingly shifting workloads to the public cloud and the networking has to adapt quickly as data, services, and endpoints are becoming more distributed across the edge and public cloud locations. As a result, customers need to manage, adapt, and simplify the networking operations within and across cloud providers. We see Alkira as a strategic disruptor in the space which addresses this real challenge for our customers.

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