Alkira Cloud Area Networking and
Fortinet FortiGate Firewalls fully integrated
for seamless Cloud Networking security


Fortinet and Alkira partner to deliver the fastest path to end-to-end cloud networking security with a fully-integrated new joint solution.

Fortinet FortiGate virtual firewalls are fully integrated with the Alkira Cloud Area Networking platform, enabling enterprises to connect and secure all users, sites, and clouds in a flash. Simply click, configure, and deploy. All from the centralized Alkira Cloud Area Networking dashboard.

This joint solution enables fully-featured Fortinet security solutions to be deployed and operational in just a few clicks.

Features include Alkira’s unique cloud firewall auto-scaling capabilities, Fortinet’s best-in-class FortiGate virtual firewalls, and unmatched visibility of the Alkira Cloud Area Networking platform.

Plus, it’s all seamlessly integrated with FortiManager, empowering security teams to continue using the solutions they know and trust without the need for new hardware, software, or proprietary cloud service provider toolsets.


Solution Components

  • Alkira Cloud Area Networking
  • Fortinet FortiGate Firewalls
  • Fortigate FortiManager
  • Alkira Cloud Exchange Points (CXP)

Solution Benefits

  • Fast deployment
  • As-a-service delivery
  • Global scale
  • Bring Your Own License /
    Pay as You Go model



Customers can automatically scale Fortinet firewalls when traffic surges and then reduce them when traffic normalizes. This reduces the likelihood of network outages.

FortiManager Integration

Alkira and Fortinet are seamlessly integrated. This means your Security Team can manage FortiGate firewalls with the FortiManager platform they know and trust. Spin up new FortiGate virtual firewalls with just a few clicks, and Alkira will take care of the rest.

Auto-Mapping of Zone to Segments

Alkira’s Fortinet integration allows enterprises to extend existing zones on their firewalls into and across clouds. There’s no need for security teams to painstakingly deploy Fortinet firewalls within each cloud provider. Alkira takes existing on-prem security and expands it to multiple clouds.

How it Works

Alkira Cloud Networking and Fortinate FortiGate Integration

Accelerate Cloud Networking Security with Alkira and Fortinet

FortiGate virtual firewalls are built-in as a service in the Alkira Cloud Area Networking platform, enabling IT to provision new FortiGate firewalls in just a click and deploy across any cloud network. Plus, there’s seamless integration with Fortinet FortiManager so security teams don’t have to worry about learning a new platform or toolset to manage firewalls. No hardware to buy, no software to install, no new cloud infrastructure to learn – Alkira and Fortinet make cloud security easy, highly-visible, and powerful.

Alkira Cloud Area Networking and Fortinet Resources


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Fortinet and Alkira have partnered to deliver the fastest path to end-to-end cloud networking security….

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Integration Guide

Alkira and Fortinet Integration Guide

This guide covers the deployment of Fortinet FortiGate Firewall from Alkira’s Marketplace. It provides the steps required to integrate FortiGate on the Alkira portal.

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