Alkira Cloud Area Networking is the fastest way to unify clouds, sites, and users. In partnership with Google Cloud, Alkira Cloud Area Networking now supports native integration with Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center (NCC).

Organizations can take advantage of Google Cloud’s native networking functionality while benefiting from the ease of use and advanced networking inherent to the Alkira Cloud Area Networking platform.



The Alkira Cloud Area Networking portal provides an intuitive, topology driven interface allowing enterprises to instantly integrate Google Cloud NCC with the broader Alkira network. The joined solution provides the following elements:

Policy-controlled global routed fabric

Integrated Cloud Firewalls & end-to-end segmentation

Consolidated network infrastructure

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How does it work?

  • Log on to the Alkira Cloud Area Networking portal
  • Authenticate to your Google Cloud NCC project
  • Connect Google Cloud NCC VPCs to the Alkira Cloud Exchange Points

Cloud resources and sites deployed within the Google Cloud NCC environment seamlessly communicate with endpoints attached to the Alkira Cloud Area Networking platform including multi-cloud workloads, remote sites and data centers.

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