With Alkira Cloud Networking as-a-Service, enterprises can provision and manage their network services in minutes without requiring complex configurations or specialized skills. The platform provides a unified network infrastructure that spans multiple clouds, data centers, and branch offices, enabling seamless connectivity between locations and applications.

To further enhance the capabilities of Alkira NaaS, the platform has been integrated with ServiceNow – a leading provider of digital workflow solutions for enterprise operations.

With the Alkira + ServiceNow integration, enterprises can:

  1. Simplify IT operations: Traffic alerts generated in the Alkira platform can be ingested into ServiceNow, providing a dashboard displaying the network state. This helps network administrators to simplify network operations.
  2. Incident management: With ServiceNow, network administrators can quickly identify and resolve issues by analyzing network alerts generated by the Alkira platform.

Integrating Alkira with ServiceNow provides a powerful combination of cloud networking and digital workflows, helping enterprises streamline network management and improve overall operational efficiency. With this integration, enterprises can focus on delivering value to their customers and driving innovation rather than spending time on manual network incident management tasks.

ServiceNow Integration on the Alkira portal requires the following inputs:

  1. URL – It is required to reach the ServiceNow Instance
  2. Credentials – ServiceNow instance credentials

Figure 1: Alkira Portal showing ServiceNow Integration

Whenever an alert is generated for the tenant, the alert will automatically be forwarded to ServiceNow Instance using the following format:


Figure 2: ServiceNow Showing Alkira’s Alerts

Alkira allows ServiceNow Integration with Public and Private network connectivity and enhances alert visualization inside the ServiceNow Instance.

In conclusion, the Alkira and ServiceNow integration provides enterprises with a robust network incident management solution that is both flexible and scalable.

Schedule a demo today, and our team of experts will be happy to show you how Alkira and ServiceNow can seamlessly integrate to provide resilient cloud networking operations that deliver agility to your business.

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Ahmed Abeer is a Sr. Product Manager at Alkira, where he is responsible for building a best-in-class Multi-Cloud Networking and Security Product. He has been in Product Management for more than ten years in different big and small organizations. He has worked with large enterprise and service provider customers to enable LTE/5G MPLS network infrastructure, automate Layer 3 Data Center, enable Next-Gen Multi-Cloud architecture, and define customers’ Multi-Cloud strategies. Ahmed’s technical expertise in Cloud Computing and Layer 2/Layer 3 network technologies. Ahmed is a public speaker at various conferences & forums and holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering

Deepesh Kumar is a Solutions Architect and product specialist in the computer networking industry with over 8 years of experience. He currently works as part of the post sales team at Alkira and focuses on working with customers to design and deploy the Alkira solution. Prior to working here, he worked at Viptela which was acquired by Cisco Systems. He holds a masters degree from San Jose State University.