On September 13th, Alkira, working in tandem with trusted partner CBC Tech, has made the Alkira Cloud Exchange Point (CXP) available in China. Connecting sites, services, and networks in China today is challenging. Connectivity is heavily regulated and technically complex. Alkira and CBC Tech have teamed up to simplify global connectivity to China.

Pain Points

Many Alkira customers that currently have a China presence and others that have been working towards extending their presence to China share the same pain points and considerations

Intra-Cloud Connectivity – Limited options for connecting workloads in isolation; Integration between clouds, services, and providers is complex

Global Connectivity – Global traffic gets routed over independent connections; Select Chinese providers are used for routing internationally

Design Sprawl – Separate architectures are deployed and maintained in isolation to meet technical requirements

Performance – Inconsistent network performance and poor user experience when accessing websites and SaaS applications globally

Cost – High cost with regional price fluctuation; Unpredictability coupled with subpar performance

How does Alkira address these Challenges?

1. Intracloud: Cloud Exchange Point (CXP) availability in China brings high-performance networking to sites, services, and cloud networks running in China. Delivered entirely as a service, CXP in China can be leveraged entirely in isolation providing turnkey intracloud connectivity.

2. Global Connectivity: Seamlessly connect workloads in China to sites, services, and cloud networks across the globe. Alkira’s Cloud Backbone-as-a-Service (CBaaS) powered by CBC Tech delivers fast and consistent performance while reducing touchpoints and complexity.

3. Standardization without Compromise – Alkira’s as-a-Service platform features a completely standardized network and security architecture that powers an identical experience between China and networking globally.

Why is this Important?

Today, connectivity options between China and the rest of the world are limited and require a separate and isolated design, deployed inside China. Alkira’s CXP in China simplifies deployment and operations by offering a single control and management plane worldwide. No separate products, architectures, or policies are required. This approach enables enterprises to simplify their network design at a global scale. To learn more about the Alkira platform, or this feature set, request a demo today!