We’re thrilled to announce that Alkira’s Cloud Exchange Point (CXP) is now available in all commercial regions of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This expansion builds upon our existing partnership with Google Cloud, giving businesses even more freedom and flexibility when it comes to multi-cloud networking.

As a trusted Google Cloud partner since 2021, we understand the unique needs of GCP users. With cloud demands rising, many businesses are looking to expand into GCP or transition from a single-cloud GCP environment to a multi-cloud strategy. Alkira CXP on GCP makes this process faster and easier than ever.

By deploying Alkira CXP within GCP, businesses can leverage the power of Google’s global network backbone. This ensures high-performance and reliable connectivity for end users, wherever they may be.

Why is this a big deal?

According to a 2023 report by HGInsights, a staggering 84% of GCP customers currently use GCP exclusively. Alkira CXP empowers these businesses to break free from single-cloud silos and embrace the potential of a multi-cloud future with speed, simplicity, and security.

We’re committed to giving businesses the tools they need to easily design the perfect multi-cloud strategy. Alkira CXP on GCP is a game-changer, allowing enterprises to benefit from a best-of-breed approach to multi-cloud networking, all while leveraging the power of Google’s world-class network.

What is Alkira CXP?

Alkira provides on-demand network infrastructure as-a-service with integrated network and security services available globally. This empowers customers to build virtual PoPs/Colos called Cloud Exchange Points (CXPs). Within these CXPs, they can run security or networking services. They can also connect any cloud, on-premises network, remote users, or apps. Additionally, they can achieve secure any-to- any connectivity with granular policy and control.

S&P Global Optimizes Multi-Cloud Network with Alkira CXP on GCP

We’re also excited to announce that S&P Global, a leading information services company and a long- standing Alkira customer, is the first to leverage Alkira CXP on GCP. This deployment is empowering S&P Global to streamline operations and optimize their multi-cloud network.

To learn more about Alkira’s work with S&P Global, you can check out our lightning talk from AWS re:Invent which explains how S&P Global rapidly expanded into global markets using our enterprise-scale network exchange.

Coming Up: GCP Marketplace

To make things even easier for GCP users, we also plan to publish our solution on the GCP Marketplace later this year, so stay tuned for that.

This marketplace integration will offer several advantages, including:

  • Efficient acquisition process for GCP users
  • Increased discoverability for Alkira’s CXP solution within the GCP ecosystem
  • Faster deployment cycles for organizations seeking to leverage Alkira on GCP