In today’s dynamic work environment, secure and reliable remote access solutions have become more crucial than ever. As organizations embrace the flexibility of working from anywhere, they seek innovative tools to ensure their teams stay connected without compromising on security. Alkira’s innovative NaaS solution offers Remote Access Client, which helps customers connect their users to any corporate resources seamlessly.

Alkira’s Remote Access solution is offered as a service (aaS) and requires no hardware or VPN concentrator installation in the customer environment. Alkira’s remote access client is available for both Windows and Mac users. The solution can scale on demand where organizations pay based on their usage and offers secure architecture for organizations to connect their remote users.

Figure 1: Remote user connectivity using Alkira CXP

Key Features and Benefits

1. Geo Based Connectivity:

Alkira remote access solution offers users the ability to connect to the nearest CXP no matter where the user is, so whether the user is working from home or traveling across the globe they will always connect to the nearest CXP.

2. Zero Trust:

Alkira allows organizations to enforce firewall security policies along with user authentication for remote users which allows fine grained controls ensuring a strong security posture and reduces security attack surface.

3. Segmentation and Microsegmentation:

Alkira provides the ability to have remote access user groups mapped on different segments based on organizational needs and thus making it seamless for users to access relevant resources. The user groups can also be mapped to the security zones on the FWs for traffic inspection.

4. Multi-Factor Authorization Support:

Organizations can use multiple methods to authorize users to connect for Alkira Remote Access Client, including enterprise AD and SAML-based multi-factor authentication methods.

5.Ease of Configuration:

Users do not need to manage any complex configurations to use the remote access client from Alkira; they can easily configure and connect to corporate networks using the Alkira remote access client.

6. Access to any Corporate Resources:

The Alkira Remote Access Client supports connectivity to any resources subject to the security policies, allowing users to access resources across various cloud providers seamlessly.

7. Scale and High Availability:

The Alkira Remote Access Client scales effortlessly to meet your growing needs whether your company is a startup or a large organization. Alkira remote access has built in redundancy and high availability, where in case the remote access users connection fails to one CXP , they can connect to the next closest CXP without making any changes to their remote access client.

8. Audit:

Organizations can easily monitor user activities and session history using the Alkira remote access client.

Figure 2: Alkira Portal showing Active User Sessions for Remote Access

Figure 3: Alkira Portal showing User Sessions History

Figure 4: Alkira Portal showing Failed Authentication Attempts

Configuring Alkira Remote Access Client

Configuration for the remote access connector on the Alkira Dashboard is simple; some parameters are required, including authentication mode, client IP subnet, and the Alkira CXP region.

Figure 5: Alkira Portal showing Configuration for Remote Access Connector

Once this configuration is completed, users can download the Alkira remote access client (support for both Windows and Mac systems) and connect to any resources connected to the corporate environment.

In conclusion, Alkira allows users to connect to multi-cloud resources securely using the Alkira remote access client.

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