Alkira Cloud Insights

Cloud Inventory
in a Click

Inventory, assess, and enhance your AWS and Azure
cloud networking in a flash with Cloud Insights, a unique
cloud inventory tool from Alkira.

Rapid inventory and unmatched visibility into
your multi-cloud network


Instantly discover all cloud resources along with their networking & security configurations


Detect threats and security vulnerabilities presented by the sprawl of shadow clouds before it’s too late


Optimize and reduce your cloud spend by deleting unused resources, repurposing idle infrastructure, and maximizing efficiency across AWS and Azure deployments


Improve the speed and responsiveness of cloud applications by fixing complex network misconfigurations

Simplify cloud networking with
dynamic discovery

Use Alkira Cloud Insights to understand and improve your AWS and Azure usage. Alkira Cloud Insights enables you to quickly discover:

  • Duplicate IP addresses
  • Unused cloud networking & security resources
  • security policy gaps and unsanctioned access

With the data provided by Cloud Insights, your IT organization will be better positioned to make intelligent business decisions, analyze cloud resource spend, and mitigate risks.

Key Features

Rapid discovery for a complete inventory of your cloud infrastructure in minutes

Security insights that help expose vulnerabilities and policy gaps

Cost savings data highlighting abandoned, unused, or under-utilized cloud resources

Operational best practices with targeted information on how to best configure cloud networking at scale

Optimize multi-cloud networking today with Alkira

Modernize and simplify cloud networking today with Alkira. Schedule a demo and our team of experts will be happy to show you Cloud Insights, as well as the full Alkira Cloud Networking as a Service platform.

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