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What is Network Segmentation?

Network Segmentation is the process of dividing networks into distinct segments or subnets. Furthermore, Network Microsegmentation can partition networks to even smaller groupings for extremely nuanced and exact controls. By dividing an enterprise network into smaller groups with customized attributes, IT leaders can better control remote access, effectively manage a wide range of connected resources, secure critical data from unauthorized access, and provide higher levels of efficiency and security for the entire network.

Cloud Network Segmentation and Cloud Network Microsegmentation extend these principles to the multi-cloud era, providing constructs for IT to segment a wide range of resources, including network infrastructure, cloud applications, virtual and physical resources, software-defined edge sites, end-user access, security appliances, and more. By utilizing Cloud Network Segmentation and Cloud Network Microsegmentation, IT can deliver the utmost in control and visibility across public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Cloud Network Segmentation also plays a critical role in helping to keep security policies properly enforced end-to-end across the complex multi-cloud landscape.


Figure: An example of Alkira Cloud Network Segmentation. With Network Segmentation, IT administrators are able to holistically control access and apply security end-to-end across the entire enterprise ecosystem.

Alkira provides a Cloud Network as-a-Service (CNaaS) platform that includes robust Cloud Network Segmentation tools built-in. The Alkira platform provides IT with a unified center for managing, scaling, and operating multi-cloud network segmentation in a true end-to-end fashion. With Alkira, organizations are enabled with a suite of solutions for managing Cloud Network Segmentation and Cloud Network Microsegmentation all via a centralized, easy to use platform.

First, by virtue of our revolutionary approach to networking in which we bring together all aspects of cloud networking and security into one singular platform, Alkira is able to instantly simplify the approach to network segmentation at any scale.

Simply put, with the Alkira platform, all the visibility and tools needed to execute simple and complex network segmentation architectures is built-in and ready to be deployed with just a few clicks. No hardware to buy, no software to manage, no complex connection tricks between clouds required. It’s all part and parcel of the Alkira platform, and all delivered as a flexible and responsive service.

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