Alkira Cloud Networking as a Service TCO

Transform Networking &
Control Cloud Costs

Alkira Cloud Networking as a Service revolutionizes networking for the cloud era, enabling companies to pivot away from legacy networking, optimizing cloud networking, and gain improved visibility and control over multi-cloud networking costs. Avoid cloud sticker shock, remove technical burdens from IT, and accelerate innovation while controlling costs.

“Alkira Cloud Networking greatly simplifies management of our network infrastructure and enables us to focus on the growth of our business.”

Ralph Munsen

Warner Music Group

Turnkey Network Modernization & Immediate Cost Benefits

Modernize from inflexible legacy networking to a new world of dynamic Cloud Networking as a Service

Transform networking and reduce infrastructure costs by up to 40%*

Move networking into the cloud era with Alkira. Leave behind costly, inflexible, and unresponsive legacy networking solutions like MPLS circuits and excessive colocation.

With Alkira, customers can take full advantage of today’s cloud technology, and achieve turnkey modernization that dramatically improves network performance, security, and reliability.

With the power of Alkira automation and virtualization, you can gain far greater availability, bandwidth, application performance, and responsiveness from your cloud network. And you can reduce the amount of physical and virtual infrastructure needed to do so, consolidating circuits, colos, firewalls, load balancers, and more.

Alkira Cloud Networking as a Service can reduce operating costs while delivering more value that legacy telco-based networking was ever designed to deliver, plus give your IT team instant access to the world’s most advanced cloud networking and security solutions in a click.

Based on customer feedback on TCO/ROI of cloud native tools vs. Alkira. Results may vary depending on specific environments.

Simplify & Optimize Cloud Networking

Gain control and visibility into the sprawl of Cloud Networking

Save up to 30% vs. Do It Yourself Cloud Native Networking

DevOps has moved your business into the cloud. Now comes the task to manage and expand an ever-growing network of cloud native connectivity solutions, each requiring new technical knowledge, maintenance, upkeep, and expertise. Cloud native networking tools are presenting a cumbersome burden on corporate IT staff, requiring new investments of time, money, and resources.

A new way is needed that helps your business take on the cloud with confidence, optimize cloud networking and security deployments, and accelerate networking to match the speed of business.

Alkira cloud networking as a service delivers a unified platform that enables you to efficiently manage networking at cloud speed and enterprise scale. The Alkira platform makes it easy to deploy any type of cloud networking connectivity, see the entire network end-to-end, and dynamically make changes when the business needs it. All without any steep learning curve or cloud expertise. Alkira brings enterprise-grade networking engineering into the cloud era.

Compared with do it yourself networking using cloud native tools, Alkira can help you save up to 30%*. Gain better performance, increased security, and faster operations with Alkira’s optimized networking as a service that’s built in the cloud, for the cloud.

Based on customer feedback on TCO/ROI of cloud native tools vs. Alkira. Results may vary depending on specific environments.

Accelerate Innovation in the Multi-Cloud World

Advanced Multi-Cloud capabilities and more at your fingertips, and at enterprise scale

Scale Anywhere with a 25% Reduction in Cloud Networking Overhead

Digital transformation, mergers and acquisitions, and new regional expansions have brought the multi-cloud world onto your doorstep.

The technical debt required to continuously manage disparate silos of cloud native networking constructs is too high to maintain. Managing the basic infrastructure of multiple clouds, plus a remote, distributed workforce drains IT of all available time, resources, and budget.

New solutions are needed to effectively and efficiently manage the new demands of the multi- cloud era. Alkira helps IT teams successfully navigate even the most complex connectivity and security challenges, providing true end-to-end visibility, management, and control over all elements of the cloud network.

Alkira helps enterprises around the world to fully take advantage of multi-cloud opportunities, accelerate innovation, and bring new levels of agility to the entire business. And with the efficiencies provided by the Alkira Cloud Networking as a Service platform, IT leaders can reduce the amount of physical and virtual infrastructure needed to support global deployments, and better stear those resources into what matters most- the business.

Reduce Cloud Networking overhead by 25% or more by unifying connectivity for the multi-cloud networking era with Alkira.