Simplified & Secure Connectivity for Customers, Partners, and Third Parties

Alkira Extranet as-a-Service helps simplify shared resource management with cloud-based hyperscale infrastructure that provides complete end-to-end visibility, control, and management.

The solution leverages and converges Alkira Cloud Networking as-a-Service, Alkira Cloud Backbone as-a-Service, robust segmentation and micro-segmentation features, and a flexible suite of security services from the Alkira Marketplace to make managing complex connectivity ecosystems and shared services fast, simple, and secure.

Manually Building an Extranet is Complex, Costly, and full of Risk

In today’s complex multi-cloud world, having clear visibility and control across the entire network from end to end can be enormously challenging. Siloed resources, sprawling deployments of cloud infrastructure, the risk of Shadow IT, and more all make connecting and securing shared resources difficult, time consuming, and costly.

Whether it’s connecting end users, business partners, or third parties such as payment processors, IT needs to ensure resources are available to those who need them while also safeguarding mission critical infrastructure and data.

Organizations today manually construct and maintain their own Extranet systems. They either utilize traditional networking infrastructure (such as MPLS circuits, routers, firewalls, and other hardware) or use cloud native networking tools such as those provided by AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, to manually construct and maintain Extranets.

The process is completely Do-It-Yourself and rife with risks, potential security gaps, and a lack of end-to-end visibility. Change is also difficult to accommodate, requiring re-architecting of networks and long provisioning times to react to changing business conditions or access needs. The end result is costly, time consuming, slow, and risky.

There is a vast range of resources that need to be connected in a modern enterprise environment, plus a myriad number of globally distributed users that core IT infrastructure teams need to service- internal staff, contractors, partners, distributors, customers, payment processors, and more.

The list of third parties requiring access to critical business infrastructure is growing daily, and with it the challenge of securing and controlling access compounds with complexity.

The Alkira Advantage with Extranet as-a-Service

With Alkira EaaS, you gain immediate end-to-end visibility and control over the entire cloud network, and the ability to scale Extranet operations anywhere in the world via Alkira’s presence across the hyperscale cloud backbone.

Alkira EaaS provides the industry’s most advanced Extranet capabilities, including a robust ecosystem of security and connectivity services that can be spun up in just a few clicks.

This includes leading security solutions from industry giants like Cisco, Fortinet, and Palo Alto, as well as observability, resilience, and automation capabilities with Infoblox, Splunk, and Terraform.

Alkira Extranet as-a-Service delivers dramatically simplified connectivity and security, rich tools for segmenting network access, and holistic solutions for shared services access.

It’s all at Cloud speed and at hyperscale, enabling the business to accelerate digital transformation while maintaining complete control over the network.

Hyperscale Connectivity, Control, and Security

Connect customers, partners, and third parties simply and security. Alkira EaaS is delivered entirely as a service, providing turnkey transformation and advanced cloud networking capabilities on-demand.

From network segmentation to complex shared services environments, Alkira EaaS provides the world’s most advanced B2B Extranet connectivity capabilities, all in one holistic solution.

Insert cloud firewalls in a few clicks, seamlessly share resources with secure unidirectional and bidirectional traffic flows, and leverage Alkira’s hyperscale cloud backbone to bring network access closer to users wherever they are in the world.

Use built-in segmentation, services, and Day2 troubleshooting tools to quickly untangle complex security challenges, reduce risk, and maintain critical compliance.

Alkira Extranet as-a-Service provides:
  • Highly-resilient cloud backbone
  • Hyperscale reach and availability – built in the cloud to be available everywhere and anywhere
  • Simple and fast advanced connectivity
  • Network segmentation and microsegmentation that scales with your business needs and requires no cloud native networking knowledge or implementation
  • Robust ecosystem of security and services integrations via the Alkira Marketplace
  • Draw and intuitively design your Extranet using Alkira’s GUI-based portal
  • Unique capabilities such as firewall auto-bursting and Cloud Insights inventory & discovery
  • Full bench of built-in Day 2 troubleshooting tools
  • Complete access controls for customers, partners, end users, and third parties
Key Features & Benefits

Extranet at Hyperscale – Alkira leverages the hyperscale infrastructure of the public cloud- meaning your Extranet can extend to anywhere in the world.

Powerful Segmentation & Microsegmentation – Gain new levels of insight, visibility, and end-to-end control over your Extranet environments with Alkira’s unmatched suite of segmentation features.

100% as a Service – No hardware to buy, no software to license, no virtual agents to manage. Alkira delivers the industry’s leading Extranet as-a-Service, with turnkey business outcomes, on-demand resources, and flexible consumption.

Alkira Extranet as-a-Service Resources

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