Many organizations are relying on public cloud for their forward-looking business initiatives, driving them to greater cloud adoption. Some of the reasons for accelerated cloud adoption are:

  • Simple to use and offered as a service
  • Cost-effective as there is no need to purchase, manage, and maintain on-premises hardware and application infrastructure. Cloud provider is responsible for management and maintenance
  • Pay as you go, for what you use and for as long as you use it
  • Scales per the organization’s needs

When it comes to today’s networks, not only do the above attributes not apply but it is challenging to build a global unified cloud network that connects on premise users to applications and workloads in any cloud and across multiple clouds.

A true “cloud network” is not only about connectivity. It is not just a network for the cloud but a network in the cloud that behaves like the cloud. It must also provide integrated security and network services, consistent intent-based network and security policies, auto-scale capabilities, network and cloud governance, and deep visibility across both on-premise and public cloud network environments.

Today, Alkira has launched Cloud Services ExchangeTM (CSX). It is networking reinvented for the cloud era. It is a service, which is feature-rich and simple to use. It is on demand and allows organizations to build a global multi-cloud network with integrated network services in minutes. It takes three steps – (i) register on-line for the service, (ii) drag and drop your network with services on a design canvas (iii) click provision. There is no hardware to manage or software to download. It auto-scales up and down dynamically based on requirements. And much more….

To learn more about how you can cut multi-cloud complexity and provisioning times, please download my whitepaper.