Managing an Internet of Things (IoT) architecture at enterprise scale can present many daunting challenges. IoT innovations bring intelligence, statistics, and real-time analytics to all aspects of the supply chain, but with this flood of new data comes a host of new requirements for connectivity, one in which the old model of networking simply isn’t built to support.

In an environment where everything is “smart”, how do you connect all the moving pieces of IoT and provide access to the multi-cloud world in a way that is flexible, scalable, and secure?

Cloud Area Networking can play a pivotal role in making an organization’s IoT transformation goals a reality. By abstracting networking resources and pairing with a flexible point-and-click interface like the one at the core of the Alkira platform, IT leaders can gain better control and insight into their network infrastructure. This allows for networking to be scaled and delivered at cloud-speed, and for resources to match the scale required by IoT deployments.

The end result? A flexible network infrastructure that can be provisioned with the same ease of use as today’s clouds, and pairs seamlessly with IoT to help businesses reach new levels of IT transformation.

Legacy networking is not cut out for modern IoT technologies

Legacy networking originated from a very different set of circumstances than those emerging in today’s multi-cloud world. Many of the legacy network components require lengthy provisioning and installation times, feature rigid limits that are difficult to change on demand, and are very costly to scale in a non-linear fashion.

In short, many IT leaders are faced with utilizing 20th century telco-based networking solutions to solve 21st century technology challenges. A new set of solutions are needed for networking, with a perspective that encompasses all the needs of modern connectivity, from the edge all the way through to cloud.

At Alkira, we address the network from a cloud-first perspective. Our platform delivers Cloud Area Networking, giving IT leaders and unmatched advanced toolset for orchestrating, deploying, and operating network resources at scale, with agility, and on-demand.

For those managing IoT deployments, the Alkira platform is an especially compelling solution. Alkira leads the industry in multi-cloud networking innovation, bring the world of enterprise network technology into the modern era and empowering IT teams across the globe with a new framework for networking, all delivered as a service.

The Advantage of Cloud Area Networking for IoT Transformation

When you think of networking, your mind might immediately conjure up images of routers, switches, cabling, telco closets, and colocation racks. Alkira dispenses with all that. It may seem hard to imagine, but with the Alkira platform for multi-cloud networking, there’s no hardware to procure, no CAPEX investments, no software to buy, and no burden of learning new systems or architectures.

Alkira provides a unique and industry-innovative platform that gives IT teams a new canvas for designing networks that match the exact needs of their applications and resources. With a few clicks, a truly modernized multi-cloud networking architecture can be put together and put into service. With Alkira, the transformation of the network is turnkey.

For IoT, the benefit is dramatic. Given the sprawl of devices and always-on nodes in an IoT environment, the ability to clearly and accurately gain visibility into the network and to scale resources on-demand is a game changer. Alkira Cloud Area Networking makes this possible, finally providing networking that is as innovative and flexible as the IoT and cloud applications it supports.

Alkira Cloud Area Networking supports real world IoT

Alkira has helped support enterprise IoT deployments for real world customers facing a variety of complex networking requirements at global scale.

One company in the industrial gas sector is using Alkira to support their IoT architecture. With an extensive deployment of Cisco IoT devices, the customer needed a centralized way to access data from sensors monitoring industrial nitrogen tanks around the world. Finding a solution that would reduce manual tasks remained elusive.Most centered on procuring and deploying additional hardware and software, and burdening the IT staff with yet another layer of infrastructure to maintain, manage, and operate.

Then the company discovered Alkira Cloud Area Networking and the revolutionary ability to create fully operational enterprise networks with enough flexibility to support IoT. With Alkira, the company was able to centralize operations and gain complete visibility and access to 50+ Cisco IoT devices, managing connectivity and security holistically via the easy to use Alkira platform. With just a few clicks, an entire IoT-supporting network architecture can be brought to life.

Today, Alkira Cloud Area Networking has enabled the customer to shift away from cumbersome legacy networking management and pivot to focusing on new innovations. The firm now plans to expand their IoT infrastructure rollout into hundreds of devices.

A new world of IoT and Multi-Cloud Networking possibilities from Alkira

The transformation of moving from manual, costly, and inflexible legacy networking to the automated, fully OPEX, and agile Alkira platform is really just the beginning.

Armed with a new way of solving complex networking problems, IT teams leveraging Alkira can then begin to shift to a strategic footing, and turn their attention away from the time-consuming maintenance of disparate networking pieces and instead focus on innovation that impacts the entire business.

Networking has quickly shifted to the centerpiece of a true digital transformation strategy, and to fully adopt the innovations and advancements of modern IoT solutions, businesses need a network partner that is equally innovative. Alkira is proud to help customers around the world achieve their IoT goals and is dedicated to continuing on this journey as we take multi-cloud networking to new levels of success.

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