The pace of business is moving faster than ever, you might say at cloud speed. DevOps is spinning up new infrastructure with a few clicks and the state of an enterprise cloud environment can change literally in seconds.

IT teams face an increasingly complex challenge in managing sprawl driven by these next-gen “shadow cloud” resources. This accelerated pace of innovation grows faster by the day. It begs the question- do you know what’s in your cloud right now?

Shadow clouds creating chaos

Unsanctioned cloud infrastructure spun up outside of corporate IT policies can unwittingly expose backdoor access to critical business resources, including opening access to the entire Internet. Such vulnerabilities are amplifying by the moment, and IT teams already stretched thin on time and resources can’t keep up.

The solution today is either manually inventorying the cloud or relying on costly and limited third-party solutions. Manually inventorying an entire enterprise-class cloud infrastructure is a time consuming and fruitless process- the moment an inventory is created, it is almost certain to be obsolete as new resources spring up around the world, 24×7.

Introducing a costly software stack to accomplish this runs counter to the core need- a streamlined, more unified approach to managing the cloud. A new solution is needed that delivers visibility, meaningful data, context, and is automated to provide real-time status.

At Alkira, we’ve built a new tool that does exactly that. And best of all, it’s free.

Introducing Alkira Cloud Insights

Today we’re introducing Alkira Cloud Insights, a new product that enables you to know your AWS and Azure environments in a flash, and utilize contextualized insights to identify misconfigurations, cost overruns, and inefficiency in your cloud and security infrastructure.

Cloud Insights gives you the data you need to make smart and secure decisions in managing your cloud. With Cloud Insights, you can take control of your cloud and:

Know It – Instantly discover all cloud resources along with their networking & security configurations

Secure It – detect threats and security vulnerabilities presented by the sprawl of shadow clouds before it’s too late

Optimize It – Optimize and reduce your cloud spend by deleting unused resources, repurposing idle infrastructure, and maximizing efficiency across AWS and Azure deployments

Boost It – Improve the speed and responsiveness of cloud applications by fixing complex network misconfigurations

Figure 1: Alkira Cloud Insights provides multi-cloud visibility from a single pane of glass

Take cloud visibility to the next level

Use Alkira Cloud Insights to understand & improve your AWS & Azure usage. You’ll get recommendations on how to improve security, reduce spend, and improve performance. We’ll point out duplicate IP addresses, unused network and security resources, and unsanctioned internet access. Best of all, it’s fast, easy, and free.

With the data provided by Cloud Insights, your IT organization will be better positioned to make intelligent business decisions, analyze cloud resource spend, and mitigate risks by ensuring security policies are applied end-to-end across the cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Insights provides:

  • Rapid discovery for a complete inventory of your cloud infrastructure in minutes
  • Security insights that expose vulnerabilities presented by infrastructure configurations out of step with corporate IT policies
  • Cost savings data highlighting abandoned, unused, or under-utilized cloud resources
  • Operational best practices with targeted information on how to best configure cloud networking at scale
Get started with Alkira Cloud Insights today for free

Alkira Cloud Insights is built-in to the Alkira platform, and existing Alkira customers can start using it today. There are no additional costs and no additional installs required, plus it features the familiar, easy-to-use GUI user interface Alkira customers already know and love. Check out the tour here to learn more.

Figure 2: Gain new levels of visibility and control over cloud networking resources with Cloud Insights

Not an Alkira customer? No problem! You can try out Alkira Cloud Insights firsthand for free and see full results for your cloud in a few clicks. We’ve opened up a special limited trial of Alkira Cloud Insights. It’s completely on us, and just another example of how Alkira is revolutionizing cloud networking with new innovations that make connecting the cloud simple, fast, and secure.

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