IT leaders operating enterprise-class networks face many challenges beyond just initial connectivity. For many organizations, the network infrastructure must serve multiple audiences. One of the most important to the business is the coalition of partners. 

How can you ensure that partners can reach the resources they need, without exposing the core network of the business or sensitive internal data? 

Read on to learn how Alkira Cloud Networking as a Service can help modernize networking and empower IT leaders to effectively manage B2B partner access.

Maximum Cloud Networking visibility unlocks the potential of Network Segmentation

Managing partner connectivity, access, and permissions falls into the realm of Network Segmentation

But using traditional telco-based legacy networking tools makes achieving true segmentation a costly, inflexible, and time consuming process.

The optimal Partner experience is one that’s fast, frictionless, and secure. The network also needs to be flexible enough to change as the business and its partner ecosystems grow and evolve in complexity. Unfortunately, legacy networking solutions and protocols, often rooted in decades-old technologies, were not built to deliver anything like this.

Enter Cloud Networking. With networking that’s built in the Cloud and engineered with today’s Cloud ecosystems in mind, businesses can completely modernize their approach to Partner access. 

Network Segmentation becomes truly unlocked and can live up to its full potential when backed with the next-generation levels of visibility and control provided by Cloud Networking as a Service. 

Take the Alkira Cloud Networking as a Service platform as an example. The Alkira experience delivers complete end-to-end visibility across the entire cloud network. Every segment, connection, cloud, and service is visualized in Alkira’s unique cloud networking design canvas. 

Finally, a single pane of glass that breaks down silos and shows all aspects of cloud networking- east to west, north to south, ingress and egress, and everything in between.

Best of all, Cloud Networking as a Service is flexible, responsive, and delivered entirely as a service. This means IT can now tailor the network to meet specific needs of any given network segment, including partners. 

Contrast that to the legacy status quo: long provisioning times, inflexible connections and protocols, and a lack of centralized visibility. As networks continue to grow and partner ecosystems become more distributed and diverse, the old model cannot keep pace.

Cloud Networking as a Service is a solution for all aspects of modern cloud-centric connectivity: On-prem to Cloud, Cloud Networking (in the Cloud), and Multi-Cloud Networking (across multiple cloud providers).

Resources for Partner Management with Cloud Networking

At Alkira, many of our customers faced challenges managing their partner access. They seek to improve their cloud networking to deliver the best possible experience for partners. All while keeping the core network infrastructure safe and secure. 

There are several aspects of Cloud Networking as a Service that Alkira customers utilize to manage their partner segments. Check out these previous blogs to learn more:

  • Cloud Networking Design Patterns with Segmentation and Micro-Segmentation: It is challenging to create segmentation for workloads in the cloud. It is even harder to do the segmentation in the Multi-Cloud environment. There is no policy-driven option to create multiple security domains provided by the cloud providers, i.e., AWS, Azure, GCP, etc. At Alkira, we dramatically simplify and streamline cloud network segmentation across multi-cloud architectures

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