Connecting Media & Entertainment Industry Applications using Alkira Cloud Area Networking

There’s a new term on the IT horizon- Supercloud. Coined by the analysts at theCube, the concept of the supercloud is rapidly developing across the industry.

What is a supercloud? There are several components and key attributes. Here are three of the top attributes of supercloud as deemed by the analysts:

    1. Runs as a set of services across more than one cloud
    2. Leverages cloud native tools of each cloud to optimize for a specific objective – costs, performance, security, etc
    3. Abstracts the underlay of each cloud platform and provides a unified experience for users and developers

Alkira has built a network supercloud that achieves all this and more. Alkira crosses any and all clouds, completely virtualizes and automates cloud networking infrastructure, and provides a unified experience that enables IT to move faster, more efficiently, and with enhanced security end-to-end.

Alkira founders Amir and Atif Khan recently appeared at SiliconAngle’s Supercloud 2 event in Palo Alto, and shared their vision for networking in the new supercloud era. Watch here

Agility is the key. You have to move at the pace of the business. If you don’t, you’re losing.”
– Amir Khan, Alkira Co-Founder & CEO

Supercloud networking for superpowered agility

Unifying multiple clouds, cloud native tools, and enhancing it all with automation and intelligence produces a new kind of environment- the “supercloud.”

Alkira’s platform was built with this in mind. From Day 1, the Alkira vision has been to radically simplify networking with highly-automated, virtualized, and intelligent infrastructure to meet the Cloud era.

This means security, speed, and agility is built-in and an essential part of connectivity, not a bolted-on afterthought. It means working across users, sites, and cloud, ensuring mission-critical applications are accessible from anywhere, at any time.

And it means keeping the experience remarkably simple and transparent, with complete end-to-end visibility finally giving IT leaders the tools they need to effectively manage all aspects of the cloud network.

The end result is a new way of connectivity, one built in the cloud, for the cloud, that delivers incredible agility to the business.

Alkira has built a network supercloud that supports enterprises around the world. Our customers are cutting deployment times by 80%, reducing infrastructure costs by up to 60%, and at last positioning networking at the center of digital transformation initiatives.

Network teams are now able to keep up with DevOps, and deliver a flexible, fast, and modern infrastructure that moves at the speed of the business.

Alkira’s end-to-end visibility empowers businesses to tackle long-lingering obstacles and bottlenecks – it breaks down silos, illuminates even the darkest corners of Shadow IT, and gives businesses an entirely new level of speed and agility in scaling the network to meet any application need.

A Networking Supercloud, made Super Simple

Alkira works across any Cloud. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more. Whatever cloud your business finds itself in – either by choice, or unforeseen via M&A or other activities – Alkira delivers a unified architectural framework that completely circumvents the need to learn any cloud native constructs at all.

This means instead of saddling IT departments with yet another stack of infrastructure plumbing to learn, master, and maintain, cloud networking becomes abstracted and delivered entirely as a service.

New services in minutes, not months. No cloud native networking to learn. No boxes to deploy. No agents to configure. No software to manage.

See how the Alkira networking supercloud can work for you

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