ngena and Alkira partner to accelerate transformation with Cloud Networking and SD-WAN as-a-Service

ngena and Alkira are teaming up to help you accelerate single and multi-cloud adoption.

As an IT leader, you’re tasked with supporting more 24×7 applications and resources than ever before, all while safeguarding more critical business data and connecting an increasingly remote workforce.

Alkira and ngena join forces to help make network transformation fast, simple, and secure with truly end-to-end solution platforms that cover everything from local routers to complex single and multi-cloud networking.

We can help you:

  • Create a “built-in-the-cloud” SD-WAN infrastructure fully optimized for the cloud, including SaaS consumption
  • Slash cloud network deployment times from months to hours or even minutes
  • Enjoy native multi-cloud connectivity and services from Day 1
Alkira ngena Webinar


SD-WAN, Cloud & As-a-Service Advantages for Transforming Enterprise Networking

Presented by:
Dr. Marcus Hacke,
CTO & Co-Founder of ngena
Atif Khan,
CTO & Co-Founder of Alkira

Learn more about how ngena and Alkira can accelerate your cloud journey
cloud networking and SD-WAN as-a-service

Learn how Alkira and ngena can deliver cloud-ready SD-WAN as a service

CTO Whitepaper

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“The drive for network modernization has never been stronger, and in today’s business and technology landscape that means extending innovation across the entire connectivity spectrum, from edge to core to Cloud. In partnering together, both ngena and Alkira can offer IT leaders an unmatched set of solutions and services that make network transformation possible, no matter how complex or distributed the network.”

Dr. Marcus Hacke, CTO & Co-Founder, ngena

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