Cloud DMZ

Most enterprises are running applications in public clouds, but depend on an archaic DMZ in a colocation or data center for access. We build a better DMZ within public clouds closer to your workloads.

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Multi-Cloud Networking

DMZ environments are the primary defense systems for any internet-facing application

Building on-premises DMZ environments typically requires installing and configuring hardware equipment in data centers or colocations. These legacy architectures are inflexible and hard to scale with business demand.

Do-it-yourself cloud DMZ environments are bound by restrictive cloud limits and a lack of enterprise-grade controls. Firewall service insertion is complex and routing support is rudimentary.

Enterprises need a simple, elastic, and cost-effective way to establish feature-rich DMZ environments for on-premise, cloud, and multi-cloud applications.

Cloud DMZ

See how Alkira can create
your Cloud DMZ instantly.

Alkira Cloud DMZ architecture

  • Portal: GUI for designing, provisioning, monitoring and day-2 operations of the Cloud DMZ environment
  • Network Connectivity: dynamic public IP address allocation, DNS resolution and network address translation
  • Firewall Security Zones: map Internet ingress traffic to a firewall zone for a security policy enforcement
  • Elastic auto-scaling: auto deploy active/active firewalls based on realtime capacity demand
Alkira Cloud DMZ

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for Cloud DMZ

Identify your Internet-facing applications, regardless of where they are.

Insert firewalls using intent-based policies. Firewalls will auto-scale based on demand.

Provision your cloud DMZ and watch it come to life in minutes.

The Alkira difference

Our promise to you.

One global DMZ

Your cloud based DMZ is logically everywhere, servicing ingress Internet-facing application traffic destined for any cloud or on-premises workload.

Elastic scale

Your cloud DMZ will shrink and grow based on your realtime capacity demand. Never pay for over-provisining firewalls.

No backhauling

Never backhaul traffic to data centers or colocation facilities for scrubbing again.

No obsolescence. Ever.

As all services are cloud based, you can change them at will. Want a different firewall family for your DMZ? Login to our marketplace, press few buttons and it’s done.

Day 2 operations

Full visibility, monitoring, troubleshooting and governance. It’s all in your fingertips.

Delivered as-a-service

No mistakes, no capital expense and no need to learn cloud architecture to maintain and modernize your DMZ infrastructure.

With Alkira Cloud DMZ your internet-facing applications are always secure

Networks work better when built in public clouds

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Multi-Cloud Networking


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