Combination unleashes the power of infrastructure as code for consistent, agile and reliable networking

SAN JOSE, CA – February 10, 2022 – Alkira today announced an integration with HashiCorp Terraform that promises to bring speed, consistency and automation to the provisioning of cloud networks. The combination of Terraform with Alkira’s service makes it possible to integrate enterprise core, edge and cloud networks directly into the DevOps infrastructure as code toolchain.

Using the new verified Terraform provider for Alkira, customers can interact with Alkira Cloud Services Exchange® CSX portal and standardize connectivity to any public cloud, SaaS applications, data centers, branches and users with integrated network and security services.

Terraform is an open source, vendor-agnostic tool widely regarded as the industry standard for creating infrastructure as code. It uses a declarative approach that enables the developer to describe a desired end state for infrastructure within a written configuration file. To map out changes and then provision infrastructure, a developer can use their local machine to run the Terraform CLI, or within a collaborative remote run environment Terraform Cloud or Terraform Enterprise.

Alkira CSX is the industry’s first true cloud network as a service (CNaaS), providing a fast and consistent way to build secure, highly scalable networks within and between public clouds and on-premises environments, with full end to end visibility and management control. CSX also simplifies the integration of firewalls and other high-level network services.

William Collins, principal cloud architect at Alkira, said: “The combination of Alkira and Terraform promises to unleash the full power of infrastructure as code to deliver consistent, agile, and reliable networking to meet technical demands and deliver business outcomes.”

Enterprises are increasingly turning to infrastructure as code to reduce the time taken to provision networking resources, rationalise the tools and methodologies used by network teams and replace outmoded change control methods.

“In the past, the complexities and time required to build and test the infrastructure made it difficult to make changes. Terraform brings consistency, predictability and repeatability to this process, which make it easier to manage configuration changes and to scale the network safely. Alkira with Terraform lets the technology get out of the way. Companies moving to the cloud need an automation strategy – this integration brings the network into that conversation and puts elastic networking at the service of the business,” Collins said.

Asvin Ramesh, senior director, alliances at HashiCorp, said: “HashiCorp provides infrastructure automation software for multi-cloud environments, enabling enterprises to unlock a common cloud operating model to provision, secure, connect, and run any application on any infrastructure. With Alkira’s verified Terraform provider, enterprises can programmatically provision global, secure multi-cloud networks at the speed of DevOps, leveraging the Terraform infrastructure as code approach.”

The move was welcomed by Exclusive Networks, international distributor for both Alkira and HashiCorp. Denis Ferrand-Ajchenbaum, VP global vendor alliances and business development at Exclusive, said: “The network is the last piece of the cloud puzzle to fall into place. Until now, DevOps teams had to wait for network infrastructure or find shortcuts that potentially compromise security and IT governance. The combination of Alkira and Terraform allows enterprises to enjoy the benefits of agile development with fewer drawbacks. As both solutions form part of Exclusive’s best-of-breed technology ecosystem, partners have access to expert knowledge and integration skills to capitalise on this great opportunity. This is a win-win for Exclusive and our partners.”


Alkira with HashiCorp brings infrastructure-as-code to cloud networking

Explore the joint solution in detail at a HashiCorp/Alkira webinar on February 23.
For further information, see the solution brief

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