Alliance makes it easier to deploy and manage multi-cloud and hybrid cloud networks

San Jose, CA – August 9, 2023 Alkira, the pioneer in agentless, multi-cloud networking, and Itential, the leader in network and cloud automation software, today announced the integration of their two platforms, bringing automation, simplicity, speed and control to cloud networking for enterprises.

Alkira simplifies the provisioning, operation, and management of multi-cloud networking, making it straightforward to connect different sites, users or cloud applications. Alkira also provides hybrid cloud connectivity, enabling users to connect their on-prem environments to Alkira’s CXP with traffic running on the Alkira cloud backbone.

Itential enables infrastructure teams to automate network and security configuration changes across hybrid multi-cloud networks and quickly integrate with IT systems to orchestrate the entire end-to-end change management process.

Together the two platforms give enterprises the ability to deploy, manage and operate enterprise grade networks for cloud and on-prem with full end-to-end automation, reducing time to market for business-critical services.

According to the 2023 Flexera State of the Cloud report, 87% of enterprises already use multiple clouds and 72% use a mixture of public and private clouds. While the cloud makes it possible to deploy new applications faster than ever, the networks needed to connect them securely to customers and partner ecosystems are slow to deploy, costly to manage and difficult to adapt. Even after they are successfully deployed, DIY cloud networks have complexity baked in, leading to ongoing operational challenges and higher costs.

“Today’s enterprise network is a complex combination of traditional and modern network solutions, managed by multiple teams with different tools and varying levels of automation capabilities”, said Chris Wade, CTO, Itential. “Enterprises need consistent automation capabilities across every network domain and integration with many IT systems to provide self-service automation to their customers and end-users. The combination of the Itential Automation Platform with Alkira’s Multi-Cloud Networking Platform gives enterprises the power to create self-service automations that can operate on the entire network, simplifying their operations and securely delivering applications and services at an unprecedented pace.”

By integrating these two platforms, network teams can build automations that utilize Alkira’s unique cloud features along with integrating with on-prem network and security solutions, and IT systems like IPAM, ITSM and sources of truth. The joint integration addresses several use cases, including:

  • Cloud onboarding
  • Cloud to internet connectivity
  • Cloud security
  • On-prem to cloud connectivity
  • Multi-cloud connectivity
  • Cloud backbone (inter-region connectivity)

“Networks are constantly changing. By integrating these two platforms at the API level, network teams can build automations that combine Alkira’s unique cloud features with Itential’s ability to ensure compliance and consistency across physical and cloud infrastructure,” said Atif Khan, CTO and co-founder, Alkira. “We look forward to working closely with Itential and continuing to deliver an unmatched experience to our customers that is predicated on speed, simplicity, scalability and security.”

“Closely tracking both Alkira and Itential since their product launches, we see this partnership as a significant leap towards more automated, API-centric enterprise networking,” said Roy Chua, founder and principal at AvidThink. “Integrating Alkira’s expertise in multi-cloud networking with Itential’s advanced network automation, this alliance is set to boost operational speed and reduce error potential, greatly easing network management in the multi-cloud era. We anticipate this step will enhance business agility and accelerate delivery of critical services.”

To learn more about how Alkira and Itential are simplifying the hybrid multi-cloud network transformation journey, click here to register for our upcoming live webinar on Wednesday, August 22 at 12:00pm ET/9:00am PT. For more information about the partnership, please visit

About Alkira

Alkira is the leader in cloud networking as a service. We unify multiple clouds, sites, and users via an enterprise network built entirely in the cloud. The network is managed using the same controls, policies, and security network admins know, can instantly scale as needed, and is available as a service. There is no new hardware to deploy, no software to download, and no cloud architecture to learn. Alkira’s solution is trusted by Fortune 100 enterprises, leading system integrators, and global managed service providers. Learn more at and follow us @alkiranet.

About Itential

Itential is committed to building world-class products that accelerate the move toward software-driven networks and next-generation, agile network operations. We provide powerful network automation software to organizations worldwide, from Fortune 500 companies, Communications Service Providers, to Enterprises of all sizes. The Itential Automation Platform is an enterprise-grade Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that supports our customers in their network automation journey by seamlessly connecting to any IT system, cloud, or network technology, enabling freedom and flexibility to choose the right tools and best solutions for their needs. It helps ensure network compliance, reduces manual operations, and simplifies network management associated with automating hybrid multi-cloud network infrastructure. To learn more about Itential, visit