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The Third Wave of Cloud Networks

Multi-Cloud Networking Market Growth Drivers

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Move over data center virtualization and SD-WAN

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Established enterprise and data-center networking technology, designed for enterprises and private data centers, is not particularly suited for connecting multiple and hybrid clouds.

Scott Raynovich

Principal Analyst, Futuriom

Don’t Leave Cloud ROI Behind in 2021

The third generation of cloud networks is here

Multi-cloud networks are viewed as a key enabler of overall cloud ROI. In this practical multi-cloud networking market guide you will learn:

  • Why traditional networking technology is poorly equipped to handle hybrid and multi-cloud deployments
  • Why CxOs are investing in innovative solutions to cloud networking complexity
  • The major multi-cloud use cases and the new technologies to enable them
  • How Alkira is transforming cloud networking with its multi-cloud network as-a-service offering

Why CxOs are focusing on cloud networking


Estimated future size of multi-cloud networking market.


IT leaders who expect multi-cloud networking will improve security, visibility, and governance.


IT leaders who are actively investigating multi-cloud networking technology.

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