Elastic Zero Trust Network Access

Over 70% of enterprise employees work from home.
Each is a “Branch of One”.

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Elastic Zero-
Trust Network Access

Securing remote access for all employees is not easy. But it should be…

Elastic ZTNA

Common solutions are inadequate.

  • Remote access VPNs leverage the “trust, but verify” model, which cannot protect against modern-day attacks.
  • Users get authenticated but gain unrestricted and unsegmented access to the entire network. Attackers can move laterally compromising systems.
  • Datacenter VPN termination increases cloud applications latency.

Elastic Zero Trust Network Access

Manage secure access to every service

  • No unauthorized lateral movement
  • No reliance on data centers, no traffic backhaul
  • Multi-factor authentication for everyone
  • Micro-segmentation and security policy enforcement
  • Full integration with Cloud Firewalls
  • Full operational control, visibility and troubleshooting
  • No over-provisioning; pay only for actual use
  • Included with all elements of the Alkira Network Cloud
Elastic Zero Trust Network Access

Press the Easy Button
for Elastic Zero Trust Network Access

Using the Alkira portal, select geographies where you want to enable elastic ZTNA.

Set up authentication, segmentation, IP address allocation, and service auto-scale.

Provision everything in a single click. Your remote users can now securely connect to all applications.

The Alkira difference

Our promise to you.

Secure network access

Use zero trust network access to ensure authenticated access to each application and prevent lateral movement within your network.

Elastic scale

Your elastic ZTNA will shrink and grow based on your concurrent user demand. Never pay for over-provisioning VPN infrastructure or licenses.

No backhauling

Never backhaul traffic to data centers or colocation facilities for VPN termination and cloud applications access.

No obsolescence. Ever.

As all services are cloud based, you can change them at will. Want a different firewall family for your ZTNA? Log in to our marketplace, press a few buttons and it’s done.

Day 2 operations

Full visibility, monitoring, troubleshooting and governance. It’s all in your fingertips.

Delivered as-a-service

No mistakes, no capital expense and no need to learn cloud architecture to deploy and maintain your elastic ZTNA environment.

With Elastic ZTNA your users are always securely connected

Networks built within public clouds work better

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Elastic Zero-
Trust Network


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Elastic Zero-
Trust Network

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