Today, we are proud to announce the launch of Alkira Cloud Services Exchange – the first Unified Multi-Cloud Network As-a-Service.  With point and click operations you can build and provision a global multi-cloud network with network services in minutes – with the simplicity and ease of use similar to any SaaS platform!  For the first time, customers have a networking “easy button” – a true on-demand, SaaS-like networking service.

Our solution is like no other. It is transformative and we have effectively reinvented the network for cloud.  Traditionally, with the multi-cloud solutions available today one must have deep cloud expertise, understand every cloud’s networking details and limitations, and be able to combine knowledge of networking with cloud.  We’re changing that. The solution is so simple no training or certification is required.  

Networking personnel finally have the same cloud-like attributes as their colleagues in storage and compute enjoy when developing applications for the cloud, including:

The cloud network is no longer in the way of meeting the demands of the business.  Customers save time, money and costs. 

Our solution consists of a global mesh of interconnected points-of-presence across a low latency, high-speed backbone. Look at these points-of-presence as virtual colors where you can intelligently insert network and security services. The entire global multi-cloud network can be managed via a simple SaaS-like portal.  So you now have a unified way to build, provision and manage policies for your global multi-cloud network. 

Alkira delivers the fastest networking time to cloud, with no CapEx and the flexibility to turn your network up or down as your business demands.  For those organizations who need to expand, shift and add new cloud providers in these times of rapid business change: join our webinar on April 23, 2020 with CEO Amir Khan and CTO Atif Khan, request our Architecture White Paper (Multi-Cloud Networking Reinvented) , learn more and request a private demo of our solution at