Alkira’s unique Cloud Networking as a Service solution is designed to power cloud networking agility and innovation. With strong built-in security and the ability to give organizations true end-to-end visibility over their entire networking and security infrastructure, it has won over the toughest of audiences: The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

CISOs have much on their plate. Ensuring data security, staving off a constant barrage of threats, and maintaining an enterprise-class global security posture chief among them.

When it comes to the Cloud, the intersection with the CISO’s office can range from one of annoyance to a clear and present danger of Shadow IT spun up in the heat of application development (DevOps) and exposing company resources to bad actors.

Here’s why CISOs love Alkira: the Alkira Cloud Networking as a Service solution breaks down the enormous amount of complexity that has inadvertently grown due to Cloud first strategies, rapid application development, and globally distributed workforces.

Taming the Innovation Sprawl

All these innovations have created silos of disparate technology stacks, each with their own set of protocols and tools for connectivity, security, and scale. Securing data, segmenting access, and ensuring policies are in place is a daunting challenge in this new and rapidly evolving landscape. Unfortunately, traditional networking can’t keep up. For CISOs, cloud networking infrastructure pieces are more often sources of frustration than areas of inspiration.

CISOs need a holistic view of their organization’s global security posture, and responsive ways to adapt to new threats, respond to unexpected demands, and accomplish mission-critical business activities like Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As). Clear visibility, simplicity, and the power to take direct action quickly are not attributes that traditional or even do-it-yourself virtualized infrastructure can provide for CISOs.

Alkira replaces the complexity of cloud native networking constructs with powerful simplicity and unmatched visibility, demystifying cloud networking and delivering end-to-end controls. Alkira cloud networking transforms connectivity and security for organizations, and CISOs in particular have grown fond of Alkira architecture for scaling their environments to cloud, multi-cloud, and beyond.

Agile cloud networking that helps security instead of standing in the way

Security is a multi-faceted part of the Alkira cloud networking solution. Security and High Availability aspects are built-in to Alkira at the core. Alkira provides a redundant and fast cloud backbone that CISOs and IT leaders around the world trust for their mission-critical data and traffic. There is also built-in DDoS protection and other security factors incorporated natively into Alkira’s infrastructure to provide the best reliability in the industry, all delivered as a service.

Security is also a rich part of the integrated services available with Alkira. We’ve partnered with industry leaders such as Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto, Check Point, and others to bring the latest innovations in security and virtual firewalls into the Alkira platform.

This cuts cloud firewall deployments times from days, weeks, or even months to just a matter of minutes. With all cloud native networking handled by Alkira and delivered as a turnkey service, spinning up new cloud firewall capabilities is just a matter of clicks from within the Alkira portal.

Alkira takes it even further with unique cloud firewall autoscaling capabilities. With it, CISOs and IT leaders can safeguard against unexpected traffic bursts, targeted attacks, and regional cloud or data center outages.

Alkira Extranet as a Service for Partner Access

A unique feature of Alkira cloud networking is the ability to quickly and easily segment access for users, partners, and other third parties. Alkira allows for powerful segmentation and micro-segmentation, ensuring that partners and vendors have access to the resources they need, while safeguarding mission-critical company infrastructure and protecting data.

From a CISO perspective, Alkira cloud networking as a service and its Extranet as a Service capabilities finally provides a way to ensure the utmost in secure access, but also maintain a high level of agility for the business. With network segmentation and multi-cloud networking resource sharing, Alkira customers are achieving security goals that were extremely burdensome and in some cases not even possible before.

Cloud networking built for CISOs

Alkira Cloud Networking as a Service presents a solution long sought after by CISOs: a new way of managing connectivity and security that cuts down on complexity, increases efficiency, and gives clear controls for effectively managing end-to-end security. To learn more about how Alkira can help your organization, and put a smile on your CISO’s face, reach out today to schedule a demo.